The Elevation Station

A Non-Profit Music & Arts Internet TV Station based in the magical land of Eugene, Oregon, USA

The current reality

The Elevation Station is a roaming TV studio looking for a home in Eugene, Oregon to build a music venue & community center

The idea is...
Some of the best videos are made with the magic of a live audience, so let's create a world class music venue that's also a working TV station...

...with broadcast-grade studio TV cameras and 24/7 programming created from a mix of live and pre-recorded content that provides inspiration via music, art, talks and performances.

See something you like? Come on down to be in the studio audience...
and maybe dance? dream? laugh? meet someone?

The Elevation Station is a long term community project intended to support creative folks –
because living in capitalism (or anything with an 'ism') can be a challenge.

The Elevation Station will offer:

  • Strengthening of the arts & music in the Eugene community
  • Community gathering spaces
  • Artist residency programs
  • World-wide audience through simulcast livestreams on multiple platforms (YouTube, website, Roku/GoogleTV/AppleTV etc)
  • Support for existing non-profit organizations in the area
  • Ability to attract world class musicians
  • Innovative sound system tuned for people with sensitive hearing
  • High quality video projection on multiple screens/surfaces throughout the venue
  • Multimedia workshops for artists & other creative folks looking to explore new technologies

So what's next?

Since building a music venue & television studio is no small feat, The Elevation Station is  starting gradually by collaborating with existing venues in the greater Eugene area. You can stay tuned by signing up for emails below!

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Yes, a “real” website is coming soon

In the meantime here are some previously recorded videos
from the roaming version of The Elevation Station:

Some past videos produced - YouTube Playlist

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